FAQ for WUSON Practice Field for Wentz QOTD

  1. Q: I kept failing to log into the system. What should I do?

    A: Your system may not support the default browser component we sued. Please use the new one, WebView2.
    Click Exam\Configure and choose "Use WebView2 (Runtime installation required)." The system will download the WebView2 installer.
    You can log in successfully after installing the WebView2 runtime and configuring to use the new WebView2 component.

  2. Q: Why does Windows pop up a warning when I start the setup.exe?

    A: Our software is signed by Wentz Wu under the company name, Amicliens Service Technology Co., Ltd., using a standard code signing certificate issued from Sectico.
    Our publisher identity is validated, and our digital signature ensures code integrity. However, Microsoft requires more installations to prove the publisher's credit if an EV code signing certificate is not used.
    Please feel free to click "More info" and "Run anyway" to install our software.

  3. Q: Why does the installation complete but the software cannot start?

    A: You can try to delete the folder, C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0, and try to install again.